February 10, 2015

Today’s entry talks about a lot of things, like going after love yourself instead of waiting for it to come to you, how to present/package yourself in an online profile, and kissing.

First things first, going after love yourself, on which Queen Elizabeth I deserves special mention. Then again, she was to be crowned queen. Ain’t nobody gonna say no to that. Still, it was true love for her and that’s all that matters. *SIGH* If only it was that easy to snag a boyfriend/husband. HAHA!

Moving on! Personally, I prefer to let fate take its course (although I am getting just a teensy bit nervous. Fate, please do hurry up. HAHA!). However, if you are like Queen Elizabeth and want to go out there and find your one true love yourself, go ahead and exploorre! Or not. Ms. Morton actually suggested the use of an online dating site. I think there’s a lot of online dating apps circling around so feel free to download one of those and get to work finding your soul mate. AJA!

And last but not the least,…kissing. I don’t even know where to begin really. I mean, it’s a sign of affection all around the world and different countries have different takes on it (our country leans on the more conservative side if you’re interested) so I don’t really know what else to say. Also, it’s already past 12am as I’m typing this and I’m getting a bit woozy so I’ll just end this here.  MUAHMUAH! :*


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