MYHH: Cousin Rivalry

February 8, 2015

On this day, Queen Elizabeth I (reluctantly) ordered her cousin’s, Mary Queen of Scots’, beheading, which Queen Mary went into fabulously. HAHA!

But that’s not what I’m after here. There’s this show called Reign and it focuses on Queen Mary’s life. I’m no history buff so I’m not entirely sure whether the events are accurate but I do love a good historical fiction. Queen Mary’s costumes on the show are as fabulous as I imagine the real Queen Mary’s dresses were, just maybe not as historically accurate. HAHA!

Since its premier, I’ve always wanted to watch it. I mean, I manage to catch an episode or two on TV whenever I get the chance to sit down and watch but since air times are always changing (and I can never seem to find a good streaming site), I can never follow the story in chronological order. Even if I DO find a streaming site, I do not have the time right now to watch it from the very beginning. Sad. :(




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