MYHH: All-Time Favorites

January 4, 2015

Today’s entry talks about writing proper thank you notes (like with the whole stationery and personalized seal and stamps and everything) and starting/joining a book club. Uhmm…yay?

I’ll actually be talking about the book club thing today but I don’t want to appear ungrateful so let’s get the whole proper thank you notes out of the way first.

It’s kind of hard to explain and it’s been a while since we took this up in school so I’m not really sure if all of this is correct but in our culture, when someone gets you a gift or does you a favor, you are kind of forever indebted to that person. It will not end with just a simple thank you note or another gift in return. Also, that gift doesn’t have to come at once. You can kind of just sit around and wait for the most opportune moment to repay that gift/favor. In return, that person will be indebted to you and it just becomes a cycle of gift-giving until you both forget who owes who.

AND SO, writing thank you notes is not just done in our culture. Not that I’ve never heard of them or that I’m totally rejecting the idea of sending one should the need arise but don’t you think giving and receiving endlessly without keeping tabs on who owes who is beautiful too? :)

Now that that’s over, ON TO THE MAIN EVENT!

I’m not really planning to start or join a book club. I mean, I already have this blog and a Goodreads account and that is enough for me. Plus, I’m more often than not swamped with school stuff for most of the year and that is my priority right now. This is just a little something to fill my time with during breaks. But since, we are already in the topic of books and what not, I decided to go ahead and list down my all-time favorite books as advised by Ms. Morton. (She really just said five though.)

In no particular order:

There you have it. I’m planning to do a review on my other favorites some time this year (perhaps on my 1-year anniversary?). What do you guys think?


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