MYHH: Coco Chanel

February 12, 2015

Today’s entry was all about Christian Dior’s grand opening shortly after WWII. And Coco Chanel, his “rival” of sorts was this month’s Muse. And since I’m not particularly fond of Dior (well, maybe except for Dior’s Creme de Rose, which I would LOVE to get to try), I’ll be talking about Chanel instead.

Granted, I do not know much (actually, I don’t think I know anything at all). So let’s just ogle at them handbags:

The Classic Flap Bag. In. Every. Color. Ok, fine. Maybe just in red, black, white, and nude. ;)

Technically, this isn’t a bag. It’s a wallet, on a chain, that can be worn as a bag. HA! It comes in red too.

And how ’bout those costume jewellery?


And let’s not forget the pearls. Of course.

Say no more, say no more. Let’s all just collectively sigh and dream of things we can only ever hope to own. *SIGH*


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