REVIEW: Bloodlines Series

Summaries here.

HEEYY EVERYONE! WATSSUUPP!?!! HAHAHA! GOSH! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve last been here. And rightfully so, I think. This post was supposed to go up right after the last one did. That was FIVE months ago. I can’t even remember much about the series. :(

Well, except for the very very end of the series, which, to tell you honestly, was really the only reason I picked this series up too. Yes, I kind of spoiled the ending for myself by going through the Romitri tag on Tumblr and stumbling (hehe, get it?) upon an excerpt of the thing. It didn’t really matter though. I still squee’d like a proper fangirl when I got to that part. HAHA!

Another thing I liked about this series (aside from the ending, obviously), was that it expanded the Vampire Academy universe without it feeling forced, you know what I mean? Except for the whole magic users coven thing. That was just pushing it I think. But hey, they needed a way out right?

Finally, I love love LOVE that the series gave everyone the happy ending they deserve. I mean, DUH. What else do you expect from me? I especially liked the fact that Adrian finally got closure. The Vampire Academy series kind of left him heart broken and lost and I felt that this series kind of served to show his healing process and journey to his own happily ever after. HAHA! But really though, I think this whole series was just a way to pacify his fans. :P

BOOKWORM RATING (5/5): bookheartsbookheartsbookheartsbookheartsbookhearts


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