NINE - Song Jae Jeong and Cha Yoon

*NOTE: Summaries lifted from back cover of books.*

Part 1:

“Seon-u is living his life and trying to cope with problems as best as he can. But his life is about to change when he gets his hands on the incense sticks left by his brother, which have the power to send him back in time. With it, he goes back twenty years into the past, which gives him the opportunity to save his once-dead brother, protect his fiancee, and change the future. Whether the incense is a gift from God or a cursed item is anyone’s guess, but one question remains: will it really help him put things back on track or will life get even more complicated for Seon-u and his loved ones?”

Part 2:

 “Seon-u turns back time and saves Jeong-u. But the more he uses the incense, the more his fate follows unexpected paths, misfortune after misfortune – even his own life is put in danger. Seon-u finally burns up the last incense hoping to bring everything back to its place. Will this be his last chance to protect himself and his loved ones from the time that mocks him?”

I stumbled upon these two while out running some errands with my mom a few weeks back. I’d also finished both books then, along with another book. I just never got around to writing the reviews for them…until now. Oops.

Nine is actually a Korean novel turned drama. I was already a fan of quite a few Korean dramas, so saying that I was going to like this one too wasn’t a long shot. But uhmm…I didn’t? I mean, I didn’t hate it. I just didn’t get the “OHMYGOSHWHAT” feeling that I was expecting you know? All throughout both books, all I got was a “mmm, that’s nice” feel. *sigh*

The story itself wasn’t all that great either. Just your usual, run-of-the-mill time travel story. I liked that it was straight to the point though. It would have been unbearable if the story went slower.

BOOKWORM RATING (2/5): bookheartsbookhearts


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