MYHH: Elizabeth I

April 4, 2015

Today’s post will be all about Queen Elizabeth I.

Well actually, today’s entry talks about her favorite pirate and adventurer: Sir Francis Drake. And Queen Elizabeth is this month’s Muse.

Sir Francis Drake is credited for sailing around the world and coming back to England with a bounty big enough to have repaid the national debt…and also for famously (or infamously) proposing marriage to the Queen. Cheeky.

Queen Elizabeth was pretty badass too. Although it did take a while before she became queen. Even so, she was eventually crowned Queen of England. And her reign was just as…complicated as her path to the crown. There were marriage proposals (all of them denied), a rumored unrequited love, power struggles, etc… But it seemed that, even after all this, she was still very popular. Sad that she didn’t have much of a happy ending though.


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