MYHH: Welcome to Wales!

April 1, 2015

Hello everyone! It’s April! WOW! Already!? Time went by so fast. And it’s slowly getting hotter and hotter..and hotter. Fortunately (or unfortunately), we still have school until around the first week of May so that means whole days in cool, air conditioned lecture halls and labs. That’s one perk I guess. I’ll have to spend less time sweating. HAHA!

Anyway, this month’s postcard bring us all the way to Wales, which coincidentally is also the setting to one of my all time favorite novels: The Perils of Pursuing a Prince. Now I’d love to tell you more but we have some other agenda for today’s post so that will have to wait. In the meantime, here’s a summary instead. :)

“Lady Greer Fairchild’s only hope of avoiding marriage to the first bidder lies in journeying into the untamed Welsh countryside in search of an inheritance she’s not even sure exists-one reportedly controlled by Rhodrick Glendower, Earl of Radnor, also known as the Prince of Powys. Rumor has it that the prince is rough, ruthless-even a murderer. But Greer never imagined that the brute would refuse to let her leave his remote castle until she has proven her identity. Or that she would find herself powerfully attracted to this passionately virile man whose gruff demeanor belies a proud and sensual nature. The further Greer falls under his spell, the more determined she becomes to unravel the secrets of her Welsh heritage and the mystery surrounding the dark prince who dares her to become his wife and princess.”

Today is also famously known as April Fools’ Day. Thankfully, it’s not as big of a deal here so we’re all safe from pranks (hopefully). For all the Potterheads though, this day would also be the day when the Weasley twins were supposedly born. How fitting right? ;)


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