MYHH: Shrove Tuesday

February 25, 2015

Hey everyone! WHEW! I was so worried I’d missed a day. Turns out, I’m still way ahead of schedule. YES! HAHA! Our class has just been so busy these past few weeks and this is the first time in a while I’ve been able to just sit and chill. But of course, being me, I can’t stand just doing nothing. So I’ve decided to stock up on blog posts and catch up on my YouTube queue, while maybe studying in advance for some subjects? We’ll see. But I’ll definitely be stocking up on some blog posts as it’ll be shifting exams in two week’s time and we all know I won’t have time for blogging then.

Anyway, on the year A Year in High Heels was published, Shrove Tuesday, aka the day before Ash Wednesday fell on this date. This year, it’s today, February 17.

February 25 is also apparently Pancake Day. Not sure if that’s legit though. This one, however, is. February 25 is EDSA Day, in commemoration of the EDSA Revolution. And as always, it is a no class day. HOORAY! :D


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