MYHH: First Live Post!

February 15, 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to my first live post! HOORAY! :D

As with almost everything in this blog, I wasn’t planning on live blogging this. I was out for almost the entire day yesterday and it totally slipped my mind that there was an entry for today. HAHA!

Anyway, today is supposed to be Galileo’s birthday. And it said to see what stars would be out tonight or on TV? What? Stars on TV as in actors and actresses? Either way, I wouldn’t be able to do both since I would be going back to the dorm early this evening and light pollution is so bad in the metro, you wouldn’t be able to see stars. :( Stars are still somewhat visible here in the south but not as much as I imagine the stars out in the provinces. We also don’t have television at the dorm so no “stars” viewing for me on that department too. Although I was able to watch some TV last night while working on one of my home works for tomorrow. Let’s see. They were showing HSM3 on Fox Movies last night. After that, I switched to Disney Channel and they were showing Lion King (my all-time favorite Disney movie, btw). And then finally, right before going to sleep, I managed to catch Mamma Mia! I wasn’t able to finish it though. I had quite an early start yesterday so I was out by 11pm. HAHA!


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