MYHH: Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2015

Hey y’all! Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

As you all know, I write my blog posts ahead of time and just schedule them to be uploaded on the day they’re supposed to be up. Last week, I stocked up on a whole lot of blog posts but decided that today’s posts could wait until the night before. And I’m so glad I did, because now, I actually have something to write about. HAHA!

Well obviously, today’s entry is all about LOVE, how Valentine’s day came to be, how to celebrate whether you’re coupled up or single (which I appreciated, btw. Single ladies represent! HAHA!), and some superstitions as well.

Prior to today, I was planning to skip this entry just write this the way I normally do but thanks to a group of very thoughtful boys, a lot of girls, both single and otherwise (myself included), felt extra special and doubly, perhaps even triply loved today. You see, despite our very busy schedule this week, the boys in my section managed to pull a fast one on us girls by surprising us this morning with a cute pre-Valentine’s day message with matching roses for each girl. D’AAWW… For a bunch of med students who have a lot of things in their minds, that’s an awfully mean feat to pull.

Two of my closest guy friends also surprised me and my closest girl friend with a small bunch of flowers. Double D’AAWW… I won’t go into details anymore but let’s just say we girls both had a hand in picking out our own flowers. Those boys, so sneaky. HAHA!


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