MYHH: Be My Love

February 6, 2015

Today’s entry certainly brought back fond memories. Mainly because I once performed The Shepherd and the Nymph for English class back in high school. I did the Nymph’s part (DUH!) while a classmate did the Shepherd’s part. Now I’m not entirely sure whether Marlowe also wrote the Nymph’s part. (He didn’t, btw. I just checked. Some guy named Sir Walter Raleigh did. The two poems were published around three years apart.)

Anyway, we discussed both poems simultaneously then and we did a “performance” of the poems as the project. The poems are supposed to be recited in alternating stanzas, almost like a dialogue. So the Shepherd recites first, then the Nymph, then the Shepherd again until the entire poem is finished. :)

And since it was a performance, I naturally had to go all out with the costumes and matching hand gestures and actions. HAHA! #overachiever


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