MYHH: Of Resolutions

January 31, 2015

“Think of your resolve.”

That was the last line on today’s entry, which, btw, I almost was not able to put up a blog post on. Fortunately, I got some free time tonight to just sit down and just type something. So that’s one resolution I was able to keep (for this month at least). Hopefully, I could still keep up even with a hectic schedule this February.

My other resolution is a different story. (My excuse is valid. I promise!) I had hoped to be able to visit the gym at least thrice a week. Unfortunately, due to…certain circumstances (namely, my brother being hospitalized), I wasn’t able to visit the gym for an ENTIRE week. Heck, I wasn’t even staying at my dorm for that week. Nevertheless, he has been discharged earlier today so it’s back to regular programming for me next week. :)

The end of the month also features a shoe of the month of sorts entitled “Foot Notes”. This month feature the court shoe or pump, which I am proud to say I own two pairs of – a black one with a lower heel and a nude one with a higher heel and a bit of a platform. I’m still on the hunt for a red patent leather one with a pointed toe though.


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