MYHH: Of Festivals

January 13, 2015

Today, in India, two festivals are being celebrated, namely, Lohri and Pongal. The first one celebrates the end of winter and is a day for alms-giving and righting quarrels and disputes. The second one blesses the rice harvest.

Well, we don’t have winter in the Philippines so we obviously don’t have a festival similar to Lohri. We do, however, have a rice festival but it’s not until April. :(

The Sinulog Festival’s this January though. Just not sure when it’s gonna be EXACTLY. But there’s that. There was also the Feast of the Black Nazarene last Friday, which happens to be the cause of the long weekend I’m currently enjoying. Finally, though it only happens once in a while, there is the Pope’s visit, which resulted in a five-day long weekend! I mean, WOAH! Of course, as psyched as I am for that specific long weekend, I can’t say the same about the workload waiting for us when we get back from it. There’s also that thing about my wisdom teeth extraction scheduled that weekend. :\


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