REVIEW: Willful Creatures


“Aimee Bender’s Willful Creatures conjures a fantastical world in which authentic love blooms. This is a place where a boy with keys for fingers is a hero, a woman’s children are potatoes, and a little boy with an iron for a head is born to a family of pumpkin heads.

*NOTE: Summary taken from back cover of book.

Well first of, I want to apologize for the smaller-than-usual picture of the book’s front cover. This is the biggest one I could find that wasn’t pixelated so it will have to do. Sorry. :(

The book is actually a collection of short stories, all of which have an almost bizarre nature. The second half of the summary described it as “surrealism”. Whatever.

As a whole, the book wasn’t all that great. I had hoped it would be somewhat like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children when I first picked it up, but it became very clear from the very first page that it wasn’t. *SIGH* Some of the stories were okay though (I guess). I especially liked The Leading Man and The Case of the Salt and Pepper Shakers. There are some others I enjoyed reading too but none that I sort of understood like I did these two.

Anyway, I’m sure this book has it’s audience (it has a 4-star average rating on Goodreads after all) but it clearly wasn’t for me. :)

BOOKWORM RATING (2/5): bookheartsbookhearts


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