Catch Me If You Can: Holiday 2014

Hey fellow bookworms! I’m baaackk! Did you miss me? :D

I’ll get back to regular programming after this post so bear with me for a moment. I just felt like I’ve been away for so long and I wanted to bring you guys up to speed with the latest going-ons in my life since my last post. Also, I’ve deleted my other blog where this sort of posts would usually go so this doesn’t really have a place to go on.

Last July, I started my journey towards the MD. It’s been a hectic five months since then so this month and a half long-break is most welcome. It’s actually been two weeks since break started but I haven’t found time to come on here…until now. (I’ve been busy. NOT.) Still, I’ve managed to finish two books already (reviews on these soon) and am halfway through another one. HOORAY! I also have a few more books lined up for the holiday so stay tuned for reviews on those as well once I finish reading them. :)

AANND..that’s all for this round of Bookworm Catch-up. Stay tuned for more? ;)


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