REVIEW: The Enchantress of Florence


“The Enchantress of Florence is the story of a mysterious woman, a great beauty believed to possess the powers of enchantment and sorcery, attempting to command her own destiny in a man’s world. It is the story of two cities at the height of their powers – the hedonistic Mughal capital, in which the brilliant emperor Akbar the Great wrestles daily with questions of belief, desire, and the treachery of his sons, and the equally sensual city of Florence during the High Renaissance, where Niccolo Machiavelli takes a starring role as he learns, the hard way, about the true brutality of power.”

*NOTE: Summary lifted from back cover of the book.

Well I guess it’s safe to say that this book will not end up in my favorites bookshelf. It wasn’t all bad…but it wasn’t good either. It’s just really confusing I guess, like waking up several times at night and dreaming about a bunch of different things but still knowing that they are all part of a weird continuous dream.

For one thing, there’s the ever shifting timeline. There’s also the information overload in terms of places and persons. I probably would have been able to handle the timeline shifts but both of them together was just too much.

Another thing I did not like was the way the story was told. The title of the book is The Enchantress of Florence but then the ACTUAL story of the  “Enchantress of Florence” was no more than a couple of chapters long. Talk about misleading. Pfftt.

Anyway, the story of the “Enchantress of Florence” was actually decently narrated. It even made me hope for more. Unfortunately, her story did not end well. Nevertheless, I guess she was able to achieve more than what women during her time could have given the circumstances so it’s still partly a happy ending. :)

BOOKWORM RATING (2/5): bookheartsbookhearts


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