REVIEW: The House of Velvet and Glass


“Still reeling from the deaths of her mother and sister on the Titanic, Sibyl Allston is living a life of quiet desperation with her taciturn father and scandal-plagued brother in an elegant town house in Boston’s Back Bay. Trapped in a world over with she has no control, Sibyl flees for solace to the parlor of a table-turning medium. But when her brother is suddenly kicked out of Harvard under mysterious circumstances and falls under the sway of a strange young woman, Sibyl turns for help to psychology professor Benton Derby, despite the unspoken tensions of their shared past. As Benton and Sibyl work together to solve a harrowing mystery, their long-simmering spark flares to life, and they realize that there may be something even more magical between them than a medium’s scrying glass.”

*NOTE: Summary lifted from book jacket.

As promised, my review of The House of Velvet and Glass. :)

Like One Fifth Avenue, this book also wasn’t in my list the day I went book shopping. I only came upon it while browsing through National Bookstore’s warehouse sale and being the sucker that I was for mystery novels and historical fiction (and sales), I decided to get myself a copy.

I wish I could say I wasn’t the least bit disappointed, however, the story progressed a little too slow for me given the fact that it was supposed to be a mystery novel. Also, there wasn’t much of a mystery to it. I would have preferred that they be able to actually CHANGE the course of an event but then I guess that would be going against the message of the novel. The novel also shifts from timeline to timeline which, at the beginning, makes you think that it could hold some important missing piece of information, but then it doesn’t. It just sort of gives a different point of view and a little more background on some of the other characters.

Nevertheless, the story had happy endings all around and that makes me happy so it wasn’t all bad. It was also nice that each of the timelines kind of got its own ending so that there was a nice finality to the novel as a whole. :)

Bookworm rating (2/5): bookheartsbookhearts


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