REVIEW: One Fifth Avenue

ONE FIFTH AVENUE - Candace Bushnell

“One Fifth Avenue is The Building – the chicest, the hottest, the one with the best pedigree, the one with the most interesting people. And within its gorgeous, thick, pre-war walls, fortunes fall and rise in the early days of the new millennium.”

*NOTE: Summary lifted from back cover of the book.

OK, so I came across this book while book shopping earlier this month. It wasn’t really on my list but since it was on sale, I decided to give it a try. Also, it deals with something we ALL would want – a piece of New York City. It also helps that it deals with a particular piece of New York that we are all curious about and may or may not want to actually be a part of, and that is upper class New York. That being said, I guess I can say you get what you bargain for with this book. It’s pretty straightforward if you ask me: a story that connects the lives of the main characters living in what is considered to be the BEST building in NYC in the book.

Overall, I can’t really say I LOVED the book. It lacked a certain amount of drama, I think. I certainly loved the idea though and I liked that the story kind of went full circle towards the end. I also liked the fact that there was a happy ending for two of the characters who were sort of like childhood sweethearts I guess. HAHA!

BOOKWORM RATING (3/5): bookheartsbookheartsbookhearts


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